IT 404 easy tasks

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and using APA style reference.
using times new Roman (size 12, double – spaced) font.
and Follow the file details.
This is need to creat web at internet as the observer need to check the web via link at google.
on the same presentation.

Online search terms: Even Graphics Can Speak with a Foreign Accent.

The passage explains how culture plays a part in the way visual graphics are presented. In China, for example, red is often used for positive financial values, whereas the same color is usually used for negative values in the United States. In Arabic countries, graphs are often flipped because Arabic is read from right to left. In the reading passage, designers who have worked in countries other than their own discuss what they have learned about how cultural differences affect graphic design preferences. The passage is based on the article Even Graphics Can Speak with a Foreign Accent by Chiqui Esteban, which appeared in National Geographic magazine.
Online search terms: Even Graphics Can Speak with a Foreign Accent
Complete all activities on pages 135-146 of your Pathways textbook. Read and understand Unit 6B – Visual Culture (pages 136-138). Complete the Pre-Reading exercise on page 135.
You can listen to the audio of the reading as you follow along, by clicking here (Links to an external site.) and choosing the appropriate reading passage.
After taking the time to understand the reading, make sure that you have completed all of the activities on pages 135-146. Pay close attention to Language for Writing – Describing Visual Information (page 141), as well as Writing Skills – Writing a Persuasive Essay (Page 142-143).
The Language for Writing box explains how to describe visual information. For example, you are taught to capitalize the word “Figure” when referring to a specific diagram that they are citing in their writing, as well as the use of commas. You are also given a list of words and phrases that help you to present numerical data in word form.
The Writing Skills introduces how to write a persuasive essay. The writer’s main argument should be presented in the thesis statement, and each body paragraph should focus on a supporting reason. The thesis statement states the writer’s position on a specific part of the topic. For the body paragraphs, details—including visual data—help make a persuasive argument sound more credible.

Writing Question

In the 21st-century business world, the concept of negotiation has become an integral part of all business environments as managers and leaders need to negotiate in all business ventures including remunerations, Joint ventures, purchasing options, labor contracts, leasing agreements, salaries, and benefits, day-to-day disputes, mergers, and acquisitions. Reitz, Wall, and Love(1998) propose the four steps as the golden rule, universalism, utilitarianism, and distributive justice to help managers to negotiate ethically in order to obtain a win-win deal.
The subject of negotiation continues to be a tough one, especially with the high stakes, complexity, deadlines, uncertainty, emotions, and stress. However, managers and leaders having attained great negotiation skills can bring value to their organizations.
From your readings and experience, what are the skills needed for the senior management team to negotiate successfully to obtain a win-win deal for the benefit of both parties?
Reitz, H. J., Wall Jr., J. A.,

Sociology Question

Paper Outline
Use the following format for the paper:
– organize paper with the bolded sections
Social Worker Values and Ethical Standards and Self-Awareness
Social Worker Profession
Social Problems and Services
– answer the discussion points in your writing – do NOT list the discussion points.
Social Worker Values and Ethical Standards and Self-Awareness (2-3 pages)
Discuss the values and ethical standards of the social work profession.
Reflect upon social worker values and ethics compatibility with your own values and perspectives of life and people.
Highlight two or three values that you identify or struggle with and tie them to some of the ethical standards.
Social Worker Profession (2-3 pages)
Explore whether social work is a profession that you might consider as a future career option.why or why not?

Sociology, Social Problems and Services (2-3 pages)
Examine one or two area(s) of social work that you might like to focus on in the future (e.g. juvenile delinquency, mental health, child welfare, etc.), and the reasons why?
Provide one sociological concept or theory to describe why the social problem exists.
5 Resources Minimum – you can use more sources 😊
You must cite sources to support the statements and facts in the paper.
You should have more multiple sources cited in each section of the paper.
3 scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles – must be current and within years 2015 to 2022.
2 other resources such as, news articles, textbooks, governmental agencies report and websites, PBS videos or other creditable sources.

IT 404 easy tasks

no plagiarism , no match please
and using APA style reference.
using times new Roman (size 12, double – spaced) font.
and Follow the file details.
This is need to creat web at internet as the observer need to check the web via link at google.
on the same presentation.

Public Health Question

Writing assignment. Two-page, double spaced Essay. Additional pages will be accepted.
Demonstrate knowledge of the history of public health by describing the evolution of concepts about the cause and prevention of disease; understanding the core functions of public health (assessment, policy development, and assurance); and describe the 10 Essential Public Health Services.
Refer to Readings and Handouts. You may include additional References. Be sure to cite your sources.
10 Essential Public Health Services_2021
ActionsCEPH MPH Foundational and Concentration Public Health Competencies

Just add old plugins to an Unreal Engine Game

Hello, I just need help compiling and successfully run 3 plugins in an unreal engine game. I currently don’t know how to do it on my own. Please make a a UE game third person, with no previous contents and name it PB. Then simply add and update the plugins to work properly with the game. That is all, thank you! Below I’ll provide a link to said plug ins and more instructions.

PICO Nursing Question Research

Assessment task details and instructions
This assessment consists of a 4000 word written assignment and will be marked out of 100%
You are required to One, provide an introduction and background to an issue in practice. Two, identify a search question. Three, provide a critical evaluation of the literature search process Four, critically analyse the types of evidence found. Five, discuss how the evidence found addresses the clinical issue identified in the introduction.
Identify a specific issue from practice; develop a specific search question relating to the issue. Search for the best available evidence; demonstrate knowledge, application of the types of evidence you have found in relation to your chosen issue/topic, whilst recognising the importance of person-centred nursing care.
Topic and Title:
Identify a specific nursing issue/topic from practice.
Ensure the topic/issue is related to your clinical practice.
Introduction and Background:
Discuss and provide a rationale for your chosen topic area.
Discuss EBP and its importance to nursing practice.
Identify the policy context and background (this may include a background to the issue by describing the size of the problem, any trends, the cost to the health care system and individuals/ families or our profession, current government agenda ( if relevant)). This will set the scene for you report.
Identify focused search question-
Provide a critical analysis of the process used to develop your search question.
Identify and apply a recognised framework to support your search question.
Discuss how key terms/concepts were defined within the context of your question.
Describe and discuss any modifications to your search ( was it too broad, was it too narrow- how did you overcome this ?).
State your final search question.

Critical evaluation of the literature search process – ( the purpose of the search is to identify a variety of evidence to answer your initial question).
Provide a rational for how you searched.
Identify, discuss, and provide a rationale for the specific databases used to conduct your search.
Identify, discuss and provide a rationale for any other sources of information used to conduct your search.
Discuss your literature search (include your key words, Boolean operators, criteria for inclusion and exclusion, mesh headings).
Discuss problems encountered with the search literature search process.
Discuss the actions used to overcome any problems encountered.
Provide a broad overview of the papers you located from your search strategy.
NB: You are required to submit a copy of your search histories ( not copies of the papers retrieved) in the appendix. Prior to submission, ensure your appendixes are included in the main assessment document.
Appraisal –
Provide a broad overview of the papers you located.
Critically analyse the types of evidence found.
Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence found recognising the importance of patient centred care.
Conclusion –
Summarise your report and discuss how the evidence found addresses the issue identified in the introduction.