Tax Memo (crypto)

You have accepted a position as a staff accountant in the tax department of a mid-tier San Diego accounting firm. Your first client assignment is for a local business owner, Scott. Scott owns a real estate investment business where he purchases rundown houses, fixes them up, and then either resells them or rents them out. Scott incorporated his business in 2017, Sunny San Diego Investments Inc (SSDII). You received the email below from your manager on the client team. Although you are nervous about the prospect of your first research question at your new job, you remember all that you learned in your tax class at SDSU, and you are ready to tackle this! You recall learning how to format a clear tax memo for your client file, and how to find and reference primary tax resources to support your answer.
Good morning Tax Staff,
I got an email from our client, Scott, this morning. SSDII has made some new investments during 2021, and he has questions regarding the taxation of these investments. Please see his email below and prepare an internal memo for the client file. I need you to send me this memo by Sunday, April 10, at 11:30pm, so that I can have the information prepared for our client call on Monday morning April 11th.
I look forward to reading the findings of your research!
Tax Manager
Fwd email:
Hi Tax Manager
As you know SSDII has successfully been making real estate investments since our incorporation in 2017. This past year our management team decided to expand our investment portfolio and enter into the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. As I’m sure you know, the cryptocurrency market can be pretty volatile, so we have been trading in and out of various positions of Bitcoins, Ethereum, and Solana on a monthly basis. As I’m preparing my year-end documents to send over to you for tax preparation, I came across a news article about crypto taxation that was concerning. The article looked at the Build Back Better Act that was passed by the House of Representatives in November. Apparently there are provisions in this bill, concerning cryptocurrencies and changes to the wash sale rules, that seem like they could have some negative tax implications for me. Since SSDII is new to securities investments, I don’t understand what these wash sale rules mean and whether I need to worry about this for our 2021 tax returns. Can you help me understand this new business venture? What are the tax implications of our crypto investments? What are the wash sale rules? Will they impact my crypto investments in 2021? What about in future tax years? Is there anything I should do to prevent having tax problems going forward?
Thanks for your help!
Grading Rubric:

Discussion post required and required material will be provided.

Consider a company that you know well. What are the strategically relevant factors for the industry and your company within this macro-environment? What strategic moves are rivals likely to make and why? What factors are driving changes in this industry and why? Keeping in mind the role that interpreting environmental factors will play in analyzing a case, what do you see as the most important external data you would want this organization to have in any strategic planning process, and why? How does this discussion board relate to our coursework this week? Be specific.
NOTE: Make sure you choose a company that is not from the below:
Your initial response to the discussion question should be 250-300 words. You must have at least our course text and one non-course scholarly/peer reviewed source in your initial posting. Sources require in-text citations and must be incorporated into the body of the post in addition to a full APA citation at the end of the post.

History Question

I have a discussion post, which requires a 250-400 word response. The readings you will need to answer the questions have been attached :).
You only have to answer two questions not all 4 you can pick! for the discussion post response!!
1. Why might Benedict place such a strong emphasis on humility?
2. How would you describe Benedict’s tone in the Prologue? What does this suggest about his overall goal in composing his Rule?
3. In the Life of St Anthony, which, remember, was being written by Athanasius of Alexandria with a particular vision of Anthony’s purpose in history, what was the Devil trying to prevent both immediately for Anthony but also with a larger view of the Church, as Athanasius understood it?
4. How does the Qur’an describe Jews and Christians in either the selections from the Qur’an or in the Constitution of Medina (ca. 625 CE)? How do the selections resonate with or criticize their beliefs?
Requirements: 250-400 Word Post Times New Roman Size 12 Font Double-Spaced APA Format Excluding the Title and Reference Pages | .doc file
Please be sure to carefully follow the instructions
No plagiarism

Programming Question

Please know the topics and open up the review file
Method Overriding
10 questions consist of mainly multiple-choice, T/F, Vocabs, and 1-2 short fill in the code questions about 3-4 lines of code
30 mins to complete. Can take it anytime from today till April 3rd 11 pm EST
we will discuss what time works best. Also please know UML just in case multiple choice UML shows up.

Journal Refletion

Co-Curricular/ Activities Reflection Journals – Students will be required to participate in some sort of University and/or recreation and leisure activity each week (campus recreation, Greek life, athletics event, etc.) and write a reflection paper on it. This is not a description of what you did. You need to reference concepts from the course materials learned thus far and reflect on the activity. Please refer to a specific course concept in each paper. (“As stated in lecture, according to our textbook” etc.) If you are not on campus, please report on your personal recreation and leisure activity. (Materials Will be Provided)

DAT/565 Wk 2 Discussion – Metrics and Information Visualization

The most frequently used measures of central tendency for quantitative data are the mean and the median. The following table shows civil service examination scores from 24 applicants to law enforcement jobs:
83 74 85 79
82 67 78 70
18 93 64 27
93 98 82 78
68 82 83 99
96 62 93 58
Using Excel, find the mean, standard deviation, and 5-number summary of this sample.
Construct on the Excel page a box plot depicting the 5-number summary. (In Excel page)
Does the dataset have outliers? If so, which one(s)? (In BB)
Would you prefer to use the mean or the median as of this dataset’s measure of central tendency? Why? (In BB)
Attach the Excel page along with your responses in Blackboard (BB).

Simple discussion board

What were the most compelling topics learned in this course?
How did participating in discussions help your understanding of the subject matter? Is anything still unclear that could be clarified?
What approaches could have yielded additional valuable information?
600 words this class is for Leadership and Ethical Decision
Not feeling so well 😞

answer the assigmesnt

Instructions for submission: Assignment must be submitted with a properly filled cover sheet (Name, ID, CRN, Submission date) in a word document, Pdf is not accepted.
Length of the write-up should be 200-500 words.
Text size 12-Times New Roman with 1.5-line spacing.
Heading should be Bold
The text color should be Black
Do proper paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism with proper references/sources.
References must be in APA format
Choose one commonly abused narcotic drug in KSA (You can refer to MOH and GDNC) and answer the following

Provide a brief explanation about the drug abuse problem.
Mention the current de-addiction or rehabilitation measures being taken in KSA
Provide your suggestions to prevent or reduce the abuse problem

Stats Write Up

Description: For this project, you will collect and compare quantitative data from two populations. You will use statistical methods to determine if there a difference between the means of the two populations. You will present your results and conclusions for this first part of project in an essay format that is at least 1000 words (3 pages, double spaced) in length. Do NOT include definitions or state how to calculate anything in your project. State your findings and conclusions in your own words. Discussion of Topic (Total: 6pts) • Clearly describe the quantitative variable and two populations studied: What is your project about? What are you studying, and what populations did you select? • Discuss why the selected topic was chosen: What piqued your interest about this topic. Is it related to your major in some way, or just something you thought was interesting? Discuss any preconceived notions of how the project might turn out. • Discuss expectations: What do you think will be the outcome of this experiment? Discussion of Data Collection (Total: 4pts) • Clearly describe how data was collected: Who did you ask? How did you decide who to ask? How did you record data? • Decide if the collection method meets the requirements of a random sample: You likely did not meet the requirements of a true random sample. How did your sample either meet the requirements or not meet the requirements of a random sample? • Discuss how to correct sampling issues: Generally the reason that students don’t have random samples is due to a lack of resources. You don’t have the time or ability to truly randomly choose 50 subjects from each population. What are some ways that you could get a true random sample? Discussion of Histograms (Total 6pts) • Discuss the shape of both distributions based on the histograms: Is the distribution right skewed, left skewed, or symmetric? How can you tell? Is the distribution multimodal, bimodal, or unimodal. How can you tell? • Determine visually if there are any outliers present in the histograms and explain how outliers in a histogram are identified:. According to your histogram, are there any outliers in the distribution? In a histogram, how do you identify outliers? Do not use the formula for outliers, and do not look at your boxplots
Discussion of Outliers in Boxplot (Total 4pts)
• Correctly and clearly discuss any outliers present in the boxplots and explain how outliers in a boxplot are identified: This answer may not match your answer to the question regarding outliers in your histogram, and that is fine. Do not go back and change your answer. Discussion of Visual Sample Comparison (Total 8pts) • Correctly and clearly discuss if the centers of the two samples are different from each other using the histograms only: Do not use your boxplots or summary statistics for this part. Using your histograms alone, make a rough estimate about where the “center” for each distribution is. Then compare them. Are they basically the same or is one significantly bigger than the other? • Correctly and clearly discuss if the centers of the two samples are different from each other using the boxplots only: For each graph, what are the “centers” that represent the typical values of your data? Are they basically the same or is one of them significantly bigger than the other?
Discussion of Measures of Center and Spread (Total 4pts): • Describe the two samples using the two measures of center: Talk about what methods you used to identify the “center” of your histograms and box plots. Did you identify the mean or median when reporting on measure of center for your histograms? What about for your boxplots? Compare the mean and median for each sample. • Describe the two samples using the two measures of spread: Compare standard deviation and IQR for each sample Discussion of Appropriate Measures to Use (Total 4pts) • Determine which measure of center and spread would be appropriate to use when comparing the two samples based on the shapes of the distributions: Use what you know about symmetry vs skewness to decide which is better for your data sets: The mean and the standard deviation, OR the median and the IQR. Decide for each data set individually. However, if one of your data sets uses median and IQR, but the other uses mean and standard deviation, you will move forward with your comparison using the median and IQR for BOTH DATA SETS. If this is the case, please state this in your paper. • Correctly support reasoning for the decision: Why did you choose what you chose for each data set? Comment on the shapes of data and which measures of center and spread are appropriate.Discussion of Samples Using Chosen Center and Spread Measurement (Total 6pts)
• Compare the samples using the chosen measure of center and spread: First, think aboutthe measure of center you chose for comparison. Which group has a higher measure of center? Now, think about the measure of spread that you chose to compare. Which group has a greater measure of spread?
• Discuss what the results suggest about the two overlying populations: What do your results in the previous question imply about the two overlying populations? Discussion of Expectations and Limitations (Total 4pts) • Clearly discuss if the analysis of the samples matched initial expectations: What did you think the results would be in the beginning, before collecting your data? Were you right or wrong? What are your main conclusions based on the initial data analysis?

Discussion Question

Give me two different answers to the below question.
If you are having a computer issue, you can go into your event viewer and check error logs to see what is going on with your computer. Have you run a recent driver update? Drivers can have conflicts and cause lots of issues. It is important to make sure you back up data before doing driver updates. Time and time again an update can cause a blue screen of death. Having the ability to restore your computer to the state before the update is an important thing you should have the foresight to set up.