Only provide diagnosis for the patient (Remaining Work Completed see attached remaining part file)

Tiktok, Douyin, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube….the list goes on.
Which platform influences you more?
Why and how so? Is it positive? Is it less than positive in its persuasion?
Give one example from your favourite social media platform and explain it according to some of our notes and PPT covered so far.
3 pages maximum, single-spaced, no references, no cover sheet.
You will be graded on:
Critical thinkingSupporting arguments with evidenceEffective expression and communicationInterpret and applyingMaking connections between conceptsRecognising Big Ideas with Meaning

Political Science Question

I need 1 introdution 2 body paragrapgh to support and lastly 1 conclusion.
Critics of the American style of government point to a number of problems in American elections. Foreign critics argue that the American party system makes voting harder for regular voters because American politicians often “buck” their parties and act like mavericks. They also argue that the election process itself is problematic. They argue that both the nomination contest and the general election have low turnouts comparatively, and serve to further the interests of the rich elite who vote. Weak campaign finance laws also bias the system towards those that raise a lot of money from wealthy contributors leading to corruption. Do you agree or disagree with this? Why?

Creating the Critcal Path

Assignment 4: Creating the Critical Path
Refer to the project plan you started in Week 7, “The Project Plan.”(as attached..I have MS project .mpp and pdf file both) you have to draw only diagram in MS project or Open source or Visio.
Create a graphic rendering of the critical path for your project using Visio or its open source alternative software.
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Macro-economics Question

Q1. (4 Points)

 Consider an example of the vehicle tires; if the supply and demand are:

Qs = – 500 + 8p ;  Qd = 500 –2 p


  1. Equilibrium price and equilibrium quantity and calculate total revenue?
  2. If there were a price celling equal to 120 SAR per each tire imposed, calculate the price elasticity of demand? Does this consider elastic, inelastic or unit elastic?  Also, calculate the total revenue?
  3. Now consider the vehicle battery; if the supply and demand is:

i.Qs = – 100 + 3p ; Qd = 1100 – 9p, calculate the equilibrium price and equilibrium quantity.  Also, calculate Total Revenue.

  1. If there were a price celling of 120 SAR imposed per each pair of battery, calculate the price elasticity of demand? Do the battery prodduct consider elastic, inelastic or inelastic or unit elastic? Also calculate total revenue.
  2. Compare the total revenue for the tires and the total revenue you found for the battery.  Which one of product’s total revenue has been increased after the price have been increase and why?  Explain in words and show the difference in numbers as well.
  3. Recall part a (The tires) Calculate the CS & PS. Hint; you need to set Qs=0 & Qd=0 to find the intercept and calculate the CS, PS.  you need to set Qs=0 & Qd=0  then solve for P to find the intercept and calculate the CS, PS. Where the CS is the area between the intercept for demand and the equilibrium price you found on part a.  Do not forget that this area is a triangle so carefully calculate the area.  The same thing for PS.
  4. Now, if the government impose sales tax equal to 5%, what is the CS, PS, government revenue and DWL and show this on the graph?  Hint; price paid by the buyer equal 104 SAR and price received by seller equal 99 SAR, the difference is the tax per tires.  The intercept points for the supply and demand on this part are the same as the ones on part e. To find the quantity, plug either the price for the buyer on the demand curve formula or the price for the seller on supply curve formula.  Also, remember CS, PS & DWL have triangle area, whereas tax revenue has rectangular area.  Graph this manually so you can easily find the answer.
  5. Without calculation, would you expect to have higher/ lower government revenue and DWL on the vehicle battery and why?

Q2. (1 point)

Assume that Saudi Arabia produce only two products; cupcakes and TVs where are the price and quantity produced are:

2018 (base year)P= 6 SAR Q= 10,000 P= 2,000 SAR Q= 500
2019P= 6 SAR Q= 11,000 P= 2,000 SAR Q= 550
2020P= 8 SAR Q= 9,500 P= 2,200 SAR Q= 450

Calculate GDP deflator for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020.  Also, calculate the Nominal and real GDP growth on 2019 & 2020, compare between them by explaining why they are different.  Calculate the 2019 & 2020 inflation rates.

Management Assignment

Solutions in practice by Chasatie Whitley, Casey Fleckenstein, Lorraine Smith, Hershel Kessler and Casey Bedgood
ISSN: 1542894X
The article discusses the application of DMAIC in Monroe County Hospital – Forsyth, Georgia, to improve specified service aspects, and provide high quality health services to the citizens of Monroe.
Read the article ( case study ) , and answer the following questions:
1.In your own words, describe the main stages performed to improve the Monroe County hospital (emergency department – wait time) to enhance the overall performance. ( 150 – 200 words ) ( 3.5 marks )
2.Based on the project objectives, discusses the significance of linking the operational improvements with the business`s long term strategies. ( 100 – 150 words ) ( 3.5 marks )
3.To which do you agree with the author indication that “Leaders must measure, track and know their organization’s numbers”. Explain. ( 150- 200 words ) ( 3 marks )

A Hybrid Hamilton H.W

The school district uses the Hamilton method to apportion its 22 board members to the 4 towns. How many board members are assigned to each town, using this method?

2.  The following year, 1,000 people move out of Town A and into Town D. Now, how many board members does each town have?
3.  Compare the results from the 2 years. Do you think they make sense? Are they fair? Why or Why not?
For this question, I will pay you $5.00 and $5.00 for the last question, for a total of $10.00 for both.

Multiple choice Philosophy

Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes and other thinkers such as Heraclitus and Parmenidesare known as the Pre-Socratics.A. TrueB. False

2. __________maintains that object no not exist apart from being perceived.A. ThalesB. BerkeleyC. AnaximanderD. Heraclitus

3. Berkeley claims that God constantly perceives reality, and thus gives it ultimate existence.A. TrueB. False

4. An Anthropomorphic account of reality explains things by appealing to cultural terms.A. TrueB. False

5. The basic idea underlying Plato’s understanding of the nature of reality is that ideasare more real than the objects that present themselves to our senses.A. TrueB. False

6. The philosophical tradition that Plato represents is called materialism.A. TrueB. False

7. The philosophical approach to knowledge known as ________claims that knowledgecomes from sensory experiences.A. EmpiricismB. RationalismC. DeterminismD. None of the aboveUnit 3 Examination137Introduction to Philosophy

8. Hume thinks that to the extent that knowledge is possible, it ultimately dependson___________.A. The sensesB. The truthC. Our KnowledgeD. Our beliefs

9. Hume uses the example of a billiard ball hitting another to question the concept ofcausality.A. TrueB. False

10. Gilbert Ryle uses the term ___________ to describe an error in logical categories, otherwiseknown as “comparing apples to oranges.”A. Category mistakeB. False logicC. False truthD. Error in thought1


the total amount of points for the assignment is 100, distributed as listed with each question. submit the responses as a single pdf or microsoft word document attached to this exercise. my location for this paper is louisville, ky1 (35 points).  over a period of one full week, do the following for each day:a.  copy the surface plot for your region (link provided) and paste the image into your answer.b.  from the regional surface plot, identify the station closest to your location.  from the station plot, extract the temperature, wind speed, wind direction, pressure, cloud conditions, barometric pressure, and any special weather situation.  a link to an explanation of the symbols on the surface plot is available below.  if you have clouds present on that day, take a photograph of the clouds and include the image and list the cloud type(s) you observe.c.  copy the day’s surface analysis plot (link provided below) and paste the image into your answer.d.  produce a forecast for your area based on the surface analysis plots.

do not copy information from a weather site.  provide justification for your forecast based on the concepts in the textbook, particularly air masses, fronts, cyclogenesis, and expected storm tracks.  it is recommended that you watch a weather forecast carefully to become familiar with the type of information found in a forecast.e.  after the first day, critically evaluate your forecast from the previous day.  discuss which portions of the forecast were accurately predicted or not.  what happened to change the situation from what you expected?2 (10 points). at the end of the above period, visit the usgs real-time water data site and find the nearest stream gage location.  what is the current situation at that location?  copy the image of the 7-day stream height plot, and explain the plot by referencing the weather over the past week.3 (15 points).
for each of the climograms you used for the part i assignment (question 5), determine the climate type.  do not use a map, rather apply the definitions of the climate types as given in the textbook (chapter 10 and appendix b).  describe the logic you used.4 (15 points).  find out from your public works department where exactly your water comes from, how it is processed, how your wastewater is treated, and where the treated wastewater goes.  write a narrative describing the above.5 (25 points).  find your noaa climate division from the link below.  go to the climate division data plotter (link provided below) and plot temperature in your division over the entire period of record.  turn on the regression box – this will add a statistical trend line to your plot.  copy the plot into your answer file.  when was the temperature hottest and coldest?  is there a trend over the entire period?  has the trend changed in the past 2-3 decades?  compare your graph to the national graph (this can be obtained from the noaa site by selecting “national” as the state).  what differences and similarities exist?

Transportation assignment

– Do you agree that the toll operator continue to collect tolls even though the concession period has ended? (meaning that they have already recouped their investment and now are reaping 100% profits)
– List all transport related privatization projects in Malaysia from 1985 until now.
– Based on Malaysia

3pages, no need introduction and conclusion, direct to the points.
Finish within given timeline.

Cloud Computing

Define collaboration
Define and describe cloud-based collaboration
The CIO of Ace Accounting Services suggests that the company can save considerable money using VoIP for phone calls. Define and describe VoIP. Then present three companies that provide VoIP offerings. Compare and contrast each company’s offering. Also, discuss whether or not you agree with the CIO and justify why
List the questions one should consider when evaluating a cloud-based collaborative solution
***** 50 words per topic.